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Science Journal for Kids and Teens
Most scientific research is conducted and reported in specialized scientific journals in a language accessible only to adult scientists. Kids have the right to understand the world they are inherit…
How to Ask Questions That Engage Young Students
ASK, PAUSE, PROCESS, SHARE Ask students not to raise their hand as you ask questions. (Help students understand that it’s the thinking we want, not the answer.)After asking a question, literal or…
‎Science of Reading: The Podcast: S4-E11 Building resilience through routine, relationships, and regulation in the classroom: Ricky Robertson on Apple Podcasts
Ricky Robertson about building systems of support for students impacted by Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and the educators who work with them. Ricky is an educator, author, and consultant wh…
Professional Learning Units | NSTA
NSTA Professional Learning Units (PLU) are bite-sized, self-paced, asynchronous short courses that educators can use to improve their practice, enrich students’ learning, and increase equit…
How to Open Class Participation to Everyone | Edutopia
When implementing Think-Pair-Share with ELLs, consider giving them the option to choose their own partner, which “prevents you from inadvertently pairing them up with someone they don’t feel co…
Free Technology for Teachers: ClassPoint – Turn PowerPoint Into an Interactive Teaching Tool
ClassPoint lets you create question slides that your students can interact with. To interact with the slides students simply go to and enter a class code. Alternatively, they can sca…
Free Technology for Teachers: How to Hyperlink PowerPoint Slides for Choose-Your-Own Adventure Stories
create choose-your-own adventure stories. To do that students have to know how to link slides together
‎10 Minute Teacher Podcast: 5 Tips for Digital Portfolios on Apple Podcasts
Digital portfolios are an essential part of the modern student’s creation process. In this show Tisha Poncio shares her tips on digital portfolios and classroom teaching. Learn how to plan ahea…

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