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WP OER – Free Educational Resources For WordPress “Resources For The ClassroomOpen Educational Resource (OER) Repository Plugin For WordPressWP OER is a free plugin which allows you to create your own open educational resource repository on a… COVID-19 Open Education … Continue reading oer k-8

Crowd-sourcing the likely changes in K-12, libraries, and higher-education

There are likely to be very significant changes to K-12, libraries, and higher education as a result of the larger global, economic, and health circumstances taking place right now. The process of “scenario planning” is often used by organizations to explore possible futures and then to prepare to survive and be successful in different scenarios. This process can also be very helpful to individuals–especially in times of dramatic unknowns–to be able to make a mental shift from feeling like a passive victim to having some capacity to plan strategically. The following three brainstorm-voting questions should help to build likely scenarios … Continue reading Crowd-sourcing the likely changes in K-12, libraries, and higher-education


These resources are primarily intended for teachers – lessons, collaboration ideas, do at home assignments for remote learning (aka eLearning / distance learning). Some of these resources are in other lists as they are of interest to families (home). Some are specific to k-2. student check-in / Twitter simple check-in for students to complete using a collaborative Google Slides presentation. Ss can complete the task at their own pace following my example. video conferencing is not the only way to… Remote Learning Templates – Google Slides collection of templates to enhance elearning for all subjects – weekly planner, elearning gameboard, … Continue reading teaching

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Make audio notes, keep them as text, organize them by topics. Here are some suggestions to start 8 Voice-to-Text Software That’ll Help You Work Faster Voice-to-text software is speech recognition technology that turns spoken words into written words. It can also identify and understand human speech to carry out a person’s commands on a computer… Speech to Text: How to Use Dictation Software Like a Pro (2020) The inbuilt speech to text software, in Windows is powered by Dragon. You can use it to practice dictating before you invest in premium speech recognition software.To active speech recognitio… 10 Best Speech … Continue reading audio notes

music online

For many classroom teachers, the shift to online learning will require some planning and creativity. School districts are stepping up to provide lessons. For activities teachers – Art, Music, … these prepared lessons can be used. However, this is an opportunity to explore some new ideas for teaching and learning. For developing and expanding technology supported teaching and learning, we refer to the SAMR model (Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, and Redefinition). Lessons can be shifted from classroom to technology without taking advantage of the additional learning opportunities afforded by the technology. Same learning objectives, same outcomes. Much more interesting and productive … Continue reading music online