that’s engineering

Daily hands-on STEM activities ensure that all students appreciate and participate in applying these concepts in actual applications. This is a big job for classroom teachers. We are here to help!

The big E is for Engineering because it tends to be overlooked in many of the other STEM resources. Lesson planning is actually the same as the Engineering Design Process and is a good structure for these notes.

Ask: What do you need to help you provide hands-on STEM activities?

  • Ideally the activities can be worked on over several days, with presentations and sharing.
  • Integration with other lessons – based on a book, science concept, math topic

Imagine: How would these activities be shared / stored / described?

  • Bins or tubs with all the materials, descriptions, instructions, lesson plans, online resources – similar to international country “suitcases”. Centrally located for checkout. Supplies restocked as necessary.
  • Information readily accessible – web pages eg.
  • Share comments, questions – email, Teams

Plan: What resources are available? What needs to be set-up to get started? How will this work?

  • Communication – Teams, email group
  • Activity bins – 2-3 activities, volunteers to work on setup
  • Process walk-thru, storage, checkout, re-stocking requests

Create: Roll-out and track the process

  • Use the materials and descriptions provided
  • After completing the activity, write a review and summary of the experience
  • Make suggestions for improvements, alternatives and/or adaptation for other grade levels.

Improve: What could be better? Anything missing in the bins or process?

  • What would improve the activity experience for students? For teacher?
  • Can it be adapted for other grade levels? Other focus topics?
  • What other resources would be useful?

Next …

  • Suggestions for activities, challenges, topics of interested related to other lessons

Learn more …

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