Science of Reading

Scarborough’s Reading Rope: interconnectedness (and interdependency) between decoding and language comprehension in order to establish proficient reading. 

Proficient reading and reading comprehension is the ideal outcome, a product when all strands are tightly woven together. These well-validated theoretical models inform educators what to test for and what to teach. When even one strand is frayed or weak, the overall braided rope is compromised.

Science of Reading: The Podcast: S4-07: Linguistic Variety and Dialects: Difference, not error: Julie Washington on Apple Podcasts
linguistic variety and dialects as difference, not error, and how to best support all students as they learn to read. Dr. Washington, professor in the School of Education at the University of Calif…
The 7 Deadly Errors of Teaching Reading
There’s a wrong way to teach reading and, unfortunately, it’s also the most popular way. So, if you’ve ever committed these teaching errors, don’t worry, you’re not alone. I’ve…
Reading | APM Reports
audio documentaries about the way children are taught to read.What the Words Say Children of color are less likely to get help At a Loss for Words What’s wrong with how schools teach reading Hard W…
Science of Reading PD – More Info
Do you want to learn more about the science of reading? Here are some more resources for you!
Science of Reading PD
Science of Reading PD This is a self-paced professional development unit designed for K-3 teachers who desire to learn more about the science of reading. Participants will move through seven self-p…
Science of Reading: 8 Simple First Steps to Get Started
explanation of the science of reading comes from Louisa Moats who explains, “First, the body of work referred to as “the science of reading” is not an ideology, a philosophy, a political agen…
Science of Reading – Foundational Reading Skills
Bringing the Science of Reading to middle school classrooms Your middle schoolers need to build strong foundational skills and an academic knowledge base that will prepare them for success in high s…
3 Simple Tech Tools to Bolster Literacy in the Elementary Grades | Edutopia
utilizing remote learning to teach reading. It was a second-grade classroom in Orlando, and I was supervising a student teacher interning with the veteran teacher. As I walked into the room a…
The Causes of Reading Difficulties and How to Help Students Who Have Them – edWeb
Serious difficulty with word recognition can have pernicious consequences for students. Many students with word recognition difficulty are identified with a specific learning disability in re…
A Classroom Reading List – Yale Dyslexia
Reading List for Creating a Classroom Reading Culture These are titles that hooked all my students, regardless of ability. I consider these books central in launching an egalitarian reading culture….

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