Try this at home…

7 Skills Students Need for Distance Learning For each of the seven skills, I’ll discuss why it’s challenging and offer suggestions for work-arounds and for skill building. I’ve also included opportunities for self-reflection and goal-se… OPINION: Tips on reading instruction in the time of coronavirus integrating American Sign Language, songs, Readers Theater, games, videos and engaging decodable books into the mix, it can all come alive. There are excellent decodable books out there, such… Home – Solve It For Kids – Podcast Highly recommended for listeners of all ages who have an interest in STEAM – the podcast is also perfect for science and STEM teachers looking for ideas to inspire their students. The engineers, sc… Learning From Home! Ten Tips For Parents To Help Students With Learning – Fedena Blog Engage with classmates and teachersJust because your child is learning from home, it does not have to mean that they are learning in isolation. Encourage your home learner to reach out to their pee… Parent ideas and tips for online learning | Learning Keeps Going Free Tech for LearningISTE & EdSurge are curating a list of free products offered by companies and organizations tosupport learning during extended school closures. Check out some great f… Free strategies for teaching K-12 online | Learning Keeps Going To support educators and parents during extended school closures, ISTE and EdSurge have curated a list of free tools and resources as well as an Educator Help Desk where experts will answer your on… The 10 Best STEM Websites For Kids in 2020 – Best Kid Stuff STEM websites are a fantastic way to let your kids engage in guilt-free screen time. These days, STEM careers are the highest in demand and an early interest in STEM subjects can lead to huge payof… Top 10 Best Online Learning Tools for Kids in 2020 – Best Kid Stuff We considered the comprehensiveness of an online learning program based on the subject matter covered in the curriculum and any quantitative data to back up the tool’s effectiveness.To understand… K-12 Students and Parents – Moving Education Online Whether you are a student or a parent, moving from the classroom to online learning can be a challenge. It might feel like your education has been disrupted and it can be difficult to find your bea… Resources – dailySTEM 77 Simple STEM Activities for Families (ideas for doing STEM at home or school)77 STEM Activities for Families: Nature Edition (PDF)77 STEM Activities for Families: Nature Edition SPANISH (PD… dailySTEM (Chris Woods)@dailystem·Mar 14Here it is…the brand new “77 MORE Simple STEM Activities for Families”Find a PDF at you everyone… DO Try This at Home! | Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and Innovation DO Try This at Home!Want to be inventive at home or in the classroom? Try your hand at these fun activities!
Tinker Ball | Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and Innovation Exploration/TinkeringExploratory play is about asking questions: “What happens when I do this?” “What if I did it this way?” Experimenting with materials and pushing their limits encourages… Parents/Families – SchoolVirtually Create supportive environments for learning at home.Parents and family members play an important part in a child’s success in online and distance education. Parent as Master Planner Desi… 8 Apps to Help Improve Self-Management | KGH Autism Services: ASD Treatment Clinic, Chicago & Madison Many parents struggle daily trying to motivate their kids to manage their own routines, from getting ready for school in the morning, managing homework and chore time, to managing their free time…. Camp Curiosity @Home, Great Lakes Science Center at Online/Virtual Space, Online/Streaming Virtual week long summer camps for grades K-8 with themes featuring everything from engineering to chemistry, and physics to robots!Each camper will need access to an Internet-connected device (pho… Learn at Home | National Geographic Society Curated collections of learning activities to implement at home. By educators. For educators, parents, and caregivers.
At-home Learning in Times of Crisis (with the Cat in the Hat) — Start Engineering The Engineer in the Hat. In each instance of cleaning, the Cat in the Hat practices the engineer’s creed — use technical knowledge of available resources to solve a problem someone’s got. Mor… Families and STEM Events Try Engineering as a Family!Whether you’re organizing a family STEM event, or looking for fun STEM activities to do as a family at home, EiE Families has you covered! These hands-on, resear… #MuseumFromHome: Create Your Own Repeating Pattern – Textile Museum of Canada Learn to create repeat patterns and how to make your own printing block using everyday materials in this activity sheet inspired by the exhibition Printed Textiles from Kinngait Studios. For ages 8…

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