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How Educators Have Increased Parental Engagement to Help Children Learn to Read During COVID-19 – edWeb how to effectively accomplish the six keys of early childhood reading and still make it fun, easy, and engaging for students, parents, and teachers. These six keys are: Phonemic Awareness Pho… 5 Models for Making the Most Out of Hybrid Learning – John Spencer 5 Ways to Structure Hybrid LearningThe following are five different models for structuring hybrid learning. Every model has its own strengths and weaknesses. As educators, we need to be strat… Is Learning on Zoom the Same as In Person? Not to Your Brain | EdSurge News when you do a Zoom call, you’re automatically drawn to those smiling faces, but you need to really be looking at your camera. And so if you put your computer where your camera is right at e… The Power of Student Check-Ins During Distant Learning and Hybrid Courses – John Spencer In general, teachers tend to focus on the personal elements first and move toward the more academic approach later. However, some students are doing well emotionally and really want a check-in to b… 3 ways to get kids to tune in and pay attention when schools go virtual Establish new routinesStudents benefit from routines at school, because routines help them to organize and use their time efficiently throughout the school day. These can include short breaks betwe… LED face mask speaks when you do and flashes smiles on demand Given the state of the world at the moment, it looks like face masks are here to stay for a while yet – so you might as well have some fun with them. An indie game maker is now launching the Jabb… Royal Academy of Engineering – Home The Academy’s engineering-themed learning and teaching resources have been developed in partnership with teachers and engineers to engage and inspire students about a career in engineerin… Hybrid Learning Requires Flexibility. Here’s How We’re Adapting Our Model. | EdSurge News Families say they appreciate both the “sticky factor” of having some required synchronous classes, but also the flexibility and independence that lets students complete their work when co… 10 principles to consider when introducing ICTs into remote, low-income educational environments Working in challenging environments is difficult, there is no need to make it more so by repeating the sorts of mistakes that others have made time after time, in place after place. Not only is the… Nine takeaways from our reviews of COVID-19 education responses – The EdTech Hub time in researching the content that already exists, and curating it around learning objectives. Clustering content around learning levels and objectives may be more efficient and more respon… Virtual Station Rotation – Stephanie DeMichele – Google Slides
Home – Solve It For Kids – Podcast Highly recommended for listeners of all ages who have an interest in STEAM – the podcast is also perfect for science and STEM teachers looking for ideas to inspire their students. The engineers, sc… A Framework K-12 Teachers Can Use in Thinking About Tech Integration | Edutopia four key questions prior to integrating digital technology.Successful Edtech IntegrationDoes the technology minimize complexity? Does the technology preserve or enhance human connection? Soci…

CurrikiStudio is the first free and open, interactive, learning content authoring solution.…Designed to accelerate and scale digital-first content d… 10 Ways Professional Learning Can Model the Practices that Engage and Empower Learners in Distance Learning – KATIE MARTIN Now more than ever we need teachers who can connect with students, guide them on their path and codesign authentic, participatory, and relevant learning experiences based on their needs, strengths,… Digital education tools free to schools | Learning Keeps Going ISTE & EdSurge are curating a list of free products offered by companies and organizations to support learning during extended school closures. Search the directory below to explore what…

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