summer 1.0

Nothing to do?

Here are some project ideas. Pick one and get busy. Invite others to work with you.


  • Save the Animals essay competition – Read about endangered animals. Come up with some ways to help keep them safe. Write about your ideas. Prepare for the 2018 competition that starts in Sept 2017.
  • Stories – Creative writing, share stories. Illustrate stories
  • Book reports, game reviews – Write a review to share.
  • LEGO Challenges – Using LEGO blocks, build a model Mars habitat, a bridge to span a 6 inch gap, a robot to carry your backpack to school. Or come up with your own problem and solve it with LEGO. Here are 75 more ideas.
  • – games by grade level
  • Hour of Code – Angry Bird, Frozen, MineCraft, Star Wars – make it happen
  • Create a Game – Use the Scratch application to design and build a game.
  • Spaghetti tower – 15 sticks of uncooked thin spaghetti and 30 mini-marshmallows, 18 minutes. Identify the problem and brainstorm, design, build, test, redesign and share solutions. Measure and record strength and amount of weight the structure will hold.

For bigger kids

  • Plan an activity for everyone, Get all the supplies together. Make a sample or test the demonstration with a few kids. Tell everyone what they will be doing. Show what it looks like. Get everyone to Do it!


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