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Share My Lesson has been committed to providing our community of members high-quality and effective lessons, useful information to use in the classroom and professional development.
Engineer for people – Precollege Engineering Education
“Inviting students to engineer solutions with particular people in mind can tap into their existing knowledge and experiences and spur rich engineering discussions in your class.
Hidden Figures – Black Girls in STEM / NAGB
how factors inside and outside of school can impact the achievement of black 8th-grade girls in some key subjects. Using recent NAEP results for science, technology and engineering literacy
Creativity Tools: 24 Free Online Creative Thinking Tools – Daring to Live Fully
“24 creativity tools to help kick your creativity into high gear. This list of creative thinking tools includes creativity cards, tools to scribble, idea markets, and more.
Home – Kyte Learning
“Classroom Technology Simplified Are you an educator trying to stay afloat in a sea of changing technology? We know how you feel.We’re here to help you learn about all things EdTech
Forget Guide on the Side…Students Need a Guide on the Ride – A.J. JULIANI
“Telling a story often creates a “clicking experience” in a person’s brain allowing them to suddenly understand what someone else is trying to say. As such, those who can tell good stories
Future City Competition
“Future City is a project-based learning program where students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades imagine, research, design, and build cities of the future.”
13 Great Twitter Chats Every Educator Should Check Out — THE Journal
“Education Twitter chats take place when a group of educators “meet” on Twitter at an agreed upon time, using an agreed upon hashtag, to discuss topics of interest in education.
SWENext | Society of Women Engineers
“SWENext is a way to become part of the Society of Women Engineers as a student up to the age of 18. Become part of SWE and #BeThatEngineer! Joining is free.”
The Shift from Engaging Students to Empowering Learners – YouTube
“We often talk about what it means to move from compliance to engagement. It’s the idea of creating an environment where students want to learn rather than have to learn.

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