A Classroom Reading List – Yale Dyslexia
Reading List for Creating a Classroom Reading CultureThese are titles that hooked all my students, regardless of ability. I consider these books central in launching an egalitarian reading culture….
About Reading Rockets | Reading Rockets
Reading Rockets is a national public media literacy initiative offering information and resources on how young kids learn to read, why so many struggle, and how caring adults can help.We bring the…
Providing teachers with the knowledge and materials to deliver effective classroom instruction. Check out our library of resources all aligned to the science of reading.
Center Publications | Middle Tennessee State University
” SL Principles of Instruction Structured Literacy Principles of InstructionThis infographic outlines some of the instructional principles that are the hallmark of explicit instruc…
Resource Database | Florida Center for Reading Research
“research- and evidence-based resources? The FCRR Resource Database pulls together over 650 materials from across the center’s numerous research, innovation, and engagement activities. Users…
UFLI Virtual Teaching Hub – UF Literacy Institute
lesson templates and sample lessons, along with suggestions for structuring your lessons.Instructional ActivitiesClick here to access our library of instructional activities.Managing Attention and…
Free Books | ParkerPhonics
Free Phonics Books for Parents and Reading Teachers by Stephen Parker teaching your children to read using Synthetic Phonics. Includes the entire Alphabetic Code, a Glossary for Teachers, the Simpl…
National Center on Improving Literacy | Your source for improving outcomes for students with literacy-related disabilities, including dyslexia.
“Resource RepositoryRecommended websites, downloads, and videos from reliable sources.Improving Literacy BriefsResearch summaries and infographics written by our experts.”
The A to Z of Teaching Beginning Reading – Yale Dyslexia
breaks the reading code. To do so he must solve the two parts of the reading puzzle: one involving spoken language, and the other involving written language.To solve the first part of the puzzle, e…
Developing a Foundation for Reading – Yale Dyslexia
Early good practices enrich learning and develop a foundation for later reading. Try these reading-readiness steps to engage your child. Have fun with them. Make them into a game! Activities should…
Ten Things to Help Your Struggling Reader – Yale Dyslexia
“dyslexic children. Most important, I am eager for the parents of my students to understand that their children can and will learn to read, but it will take time. In the process, it is importa…
Reading Fluency: The Bridge Between Phonics and Comprehension – edWeb
“Develop a deeper understanding of reading fluency and its crucial role in helping students progress from initial decoding to comprehending complex text. Fluency expert Dr. Jan Hasbrouck expla…
Advance Beyond Doing Reading to Teaching Reading – edWeb
“Many K-12 teachers find themselves doing a lot of reading with students, but very little time is spent actually teaching it. This is a subtle but significant distinction. Our class periods an…
How it works – Literal
“Literal builds on the tastes and preferences of modern students to make reading literature an accessible, enjoyable experience.
LiteralLiteral | Enjoy reading a fun chat format
How to Help Struggling Readers in Grades 6-12 with Pam Allyn
students are coming back to school and many of them are reading below grade level. While this has always been a challenge, this year it may be even more so. In this episode, literacy expert Pam All…
Digital Tools to Support Choice Reading | Edutopia
We’ve done a little digging to find online resources and tips that can help teachers introduce students to new books and support sharing the love—without becoming overwhelmed themselves.”<…
A Simple Way to Encourage Students to Read More Broadly | Edutopia
“In my library, I much prefer the message that all books belong to all readers.” stacks with one title from each level. We chose “picture books” all the way up through “adult” tit…
What Kids Are Reading (and Not Reading) in 2021 – edWeb
Meeting Registration: What Kids Are Reading (and Not Reading) in 2021 | AnyMeeting – Online Meetings, Video Conferencing and Webinar Service

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