student-centered learning

Building Resilience in Children | American Red Cross
Discussing what to expect when an emergency occurs with your child beforehand can positively impact their ability to react appropriately during an event. Doing so supports their overall resilience,…
How Schools Can Prepare for Emergencies | American Red Cross
Schools give children more than an academic education by providing consistent routine, social support, life skills, and even meals. Therefore, disruptions have the potential to be distressing for s…
Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Education (STEM) | Texas Education Agency
STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education is a method of hands-on teaching and learning where students learn to apply academic content by creatively solving real-worl…
Calling K-12 Educators: Explore and Pilot a New Edtech Tool Focused on Student-Centered Learning! – edWeb
student-centered and personalized learning, learner variability, choice boards, blending learning, and Universal Design for Learning! Whether you’re newer to these concepts and want to focus more…
Proven Attendance and Engagement Strategies: The Keystone of Student Success – edWeb
Attendance begets discovery, exploration, learning, and achievement. But data shows the attendance gap between students from traditionally marginalized communities and those from economically advan…
Swift Playgrounds
Swift Playgrounds is a revolutionary app for iPad and Mac that makes learning Swift interactive and fun. It requires no coding knowledge, so it’s perfect for students just starting out. Solve puz…
How to Select Effective Digital Math Tools | Edutopia
Selection CriteriaValue: Clearly define the purpose of the digital tool in particular contexts. Will it be used to introduce and spark curiosity, teach new material, reinforce, go deeper, cover a g…
Digital Tools to Support Choice Reading | Edutopia
We’ve done a little digging to find online resources and tips that can help teachers introduce students to new books and support sharing the love—without becoming overwhelmed themselves.”<…
A Simple Way to Encourage Students to Read More Broadly | Edutopia
“In my library, I much prefer the message that all books belong to all readers.” stacks with one title from each level. We chose “picture books” all the way up through “adult” tit…
How to Select Instructional Strategies That Students Can Master | Edutopia
““I can summarize information by doing the following: Determining what is most important, Being specific and to the point, and Saying it in my own words.””

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