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Quick-Bits and STEM Teaching Tips – Texas State University
Welcome to our Quick-Bits and STEM Teaching Tips page! New content will be added to this page in the coming weeks so please check this page again soon.STEM Teaching Tips for Parents and Caregivers…
Universe of Learning at Home — Universe of Learning
Being at home doesn’t mean you can’t explore the universe! NASA’s Universe of Learning has activities for learners of all ages to engage in the science of NASA astrophysics from home. Explore…
BooleanGirl | Full Stem Ahead
Boolean Girl Presents: Full STEM AheadRegister for our free, live instructor-led online series. Kids learn to Code, Build, Invent, and Animate. Each episode is age-appropriately tailored for ages 8…
eGFI – For Teachers » STEM @ Home Resources
ASEE P-12 Instructors and Parents Facebook Group. No-touch door openers, chairs for bears, and other daily design challenges offer fun ways for students engage in engineering while schools are clos…
The Rocket Launcher
STEM activities to keep your children busy during lockdown
In response, we’ve launched BMT’s STEM Home Challenge, which contains a selection of activities to help parents keep their children occupied and engaged in learning.Not only are the projects fu…
The Rocket Launcher
Experiment of the Day: Ooey… Gooey… Gummy Globs!
game bag
Think outside the bag! In this activity kids will use their creativity to design their very own game. The name and design are all up to them, but they need to keep in mind the key game components….
Western University
Every week we will be providing new and exciting STEM activities for children from grades K-8. Best of all they are FREE. We will be uploading new activities by grade level and theme, all of which…

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