engineering @ home

Activity: The Most Delicious Mine | Royal Ontario Museum
minerals were produced by the Earth. We interact with minerals every single day and we rely on mining for our everyday life. It’s nearl…
Now anyone can fly Crew Dragon in this official SpaceX simulator
To help convey what Behnken and Hurley will experience, SpaceX released a simulator Tuesday that allows anyone to “fly” Crew Dr…
At-home Learning in Times of Crisis (with the Cat in the Hat) — Start Engineering
The Engineer in the HatIn each instance of cleaning, the Cat in the Hat practices the engineer’s creed — use technical knowledge of a…
At Home Engineering | DiscoverE Engineering
As we all figure out new learning at home strategies, DiscoverE has collected a series of articles which offer suggestions, activities wi…
A Head Start in Engineering Can Begin at Home — Start Engineering
Awesome at-home engineering activities With the home engineering environment properly prepared, take a look at some of our favorite ideas…
8 Great Videos to Teach the Engineering Design Process — Start Engineering
“mart, creative, and funny videos about the engineering design process. These videos take different approaches and tones, which user…
4 Easy Tips to Having Fun Doing STEM Activities at Home | DiscoverE Engineering
Have some index cards? Encourage your daughter to design a structure that can hold up a soup can using only one index card and some tape….
Curiosity at Home | Pacific Science Center
Share these Curiosity at Home activities with friends, family, and schoolmates. Then, try experiments together over virtual chats and sha…
Exploratorium: the museum of science, art and human perception
“The Exploratorium isn’t just a museum, it’s an ongoing exploration of science, art, and human perception—a vast collection of…
NASA STEM @ Home For Students Grades K-4 | NASA
Hands-On @ HomeLaunch a rocket! Build It!Make a Cloud MobileApollo Moon Capsule CraftA worksheet and some marshmallows and other things…
Parents’ guide to engineering careers | Tomorrow’s Engineers
“A brand-new guide for parents outlines the various areas of engineering, answers common questions and helps parents encourage their…

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