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Good webinar discussing the future of libraries as virtual library learning commons with links to some great examples.

As part of the webinar, participants were asked to contribute their thoughts to a variety of topics that will be facing Libraries https://www.tricider.com/admin/2TXhTs3hd8N/9c38itGNm0P?mc_cid=198a60ff5a&mc_eid=6cbadd524e

There are a number of important ideas that can be implemented right now. This is a great time to test drive “the future”. People can’t just do the same old things, because they aren’t available. If you want some “library experience” you can only have it as it can currently be offered. Take or leave it. Use it or lose it.

  • browse, discover – providing an online functional equivalent. Special function searches are readily available and easy to use.
  • inclusive community share ask listen – several commetners identified Asking and Listening as elements of libraries than need to be retained and encouraged with the shift to more distance and virtual libraries
  • take home devices to share – borrow return model promotes community responsibility and accountability – concerns for those with no computer and/or internet, the traditional lending library model can work. Make loaded tablets / phones available for checkout. These devices don’t need cell service. Many have long battery life so they can be recharged at library when they are returned. The cost per unit is similar to physical books
  • ebooks and OERs (open educational resources) – Open textbooks and other free open educational resources that can be reused, remixed, redistributed are already available though not widely adopted, primarily due to lack of exposure and promotion. With limited funds, curated open ebooks may finally gain a foothold as a viable alternative to reduced physical collections.


  • Most patrons are not aware of all of the subscriptions public and school libraries have. We need to make them aware of these wonderful sources of information * active community participation, visuals, goto site promotions
  • As an e -collections librarian I am excited to offer rich online resources but I hope there will always be an element of the opportunity to browse and discover. Marketing analogs may suggest but true discovery is harder to find. I appreciate the empathy for the digital divide and let us try to keep this top of mind in our professional practice.
  • Digital is wonderful BUT into the future are we still wanting to create community spaces – we need to think beyond digital and look at how libraries can increase inclusiveness while understanding it may take time for the more personal interactions we’ve been used to. Co design and community led – we need to ask and listen hide

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