Longest Time – Quarantine Edition
Wishing everyone the best of health from Vancouver, Canada! Stay home, stay safe, and keep singing!
Music Teaching Idea Display – Idea Bank
Song Title: Composer/Singer: 1. What does the music make you want to do? (dance, march, sleep, cry, run, etc.)2. Is there a steady beat? Is it slow, medium, or fast?3. Does the music have a singabl…
K-8 Music
Stuck at home? Looking for some music activities?? I got you covered!!!Cup Song Tutorial!No Instrument, No Problem!No Instrument, No Problem Volume 2Watercolor Marker CraftTambourine Tutorial!Sidew…
The Easiest Cup Song Tutorial
“The easiest way to learn cups:Clap, Clap, Ta-ble, Ta-ble, Clap Up DownClap, Sweep, Top, Table, bottom, hand down.Check it out and see how easy it is to play the cup game — then once you get…
Carnegie Hall Musical Explorers Curriculum Interactive Map
Musical Explorers is designed to connect students in grades K-2 to rich and diverse musical communities as they build fundamental music skills through listening, singing, and moving to songs from a…
12 Great Songs You Should Teach Your Preschool Child – Empowered Parents
“educational benefits of singing nursery rhymes and songs: Develops gross motor skills (action rhymes) Develops fine motor skills (finger rhymes) Teaches language and increases vocabu…

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