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Energy Vault to build grid-level, gravity-fed battery from a tower of concrete blocks
Energy Vault has just launched an innovative new system that stores potential energy in a huge tower of concrete blocks, which can be “dropped” by a crane to harvest the kinetic energy.
Dutch firm shows off flying car – AOPA
The quest to fly, land, fold airfoils, and hit the road has produced two competing designs, a flying car showdown of sorts with both contenders reported to be closing in on their first customer del…
Hybrid cell turns sunlight and water into hydrogen and electricity
Artificial photosynthesis devices can split water into hydrogen and oxygen, but they still suffer from some efficiency issues. Now a new hybrid device may be able to recover some of the energy that…
Templatemaker.nl ✂︎ Free custom packaging and papercraft templates
Template maker Free custom packaging and papercraft templates Need to wrap an odd-shaped gift? Create a box for it! Measure it up, choose a design and print, fold and glue! This page is a resource…
Musk declares first Boring Company demo tunnel will open December 10
“traffic woes that plague the city of Los Angeles and resolving to overcome them by digging underneath them. He has tried to set his tunneling startup apart from existing tunneling approaches…
Atmospheric water harvester takes out $1.5m XPrize
problem of global water security. ability to harvest fresh water from thin air. develop and demonstrate technologies capable of harvesting 2,000 L (528 gal) of water from the atmosphere each day….
A nationwide website that monitors electrical suppliers power outage situations. Most electrical suppliers now have their own website with outage information available to any onlooker as a means o…
The Secret to a Great Urban Space | University of Toronto Magazine
Every landscape architect who works with urban public space has to look at the built environment and assess how best to augment or enhance those forms with a combination of plant life, street furni…
Toward a City without Barriers | University of Toronto Magazine
What does a city without barriers look like and how do we get there? I have some upcoming research that will look at inclusive play in childhood; my family has experienced the disappointment of ina…
Watch The Jetsons Season 1 Episode 1: Rosey the Robot on ABC (2004) | TV Guide
“George Jetson, wife Jane and their kids, Elroy and Judy. `The Jetsons’ was memorable for (apart from a nifty theme song) goofy futuristic gadgets, such as a robot maid and a car that turn…
Play SimCity online – PlayDOSGames.com
Play free web version of SimCity

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