mostly math

Some online math resources – games, puzzles, art, apps
math games – pick the topic, then select the answer. May be the correct answer of the choices. May be the odd option of 3.
Mathematical Logical Puzzles for Kids and Teens-Fun With Puzzles
in these brain teasers, some Math equations are given. These Maths equations are correct logically and follows some certain pattern. One has to find the pattern followed in the given four equa…
Gallery of Art and photos of triangles shapes in nature
Numbers also relate to the simplest two dimensional shapes we all know. A shape being a representation of number. A triangle has 3 sides and 3 points. A square has 4 .
introduce challenging, inquiry-based activities to every middle school math classroom in order to foster student participation, enthusiasm and improvement through rigorous discussion.
Games and Interactives :
We’ve put together some of our favourite games and interactivities. Some are to play with a friend and others can be played against the computer. Let us know which are your favourites!
Free Quiz Bowl Flashcards about PBHS Mathematicians
Both independently invented calculus Newton and LeibnizAccurately estimated pi ArchimedesInvented binary numbers LeibnizPrince of Mathematicians Gaussmodern notation for e, sq.root of -1(i),
Math Apps That Add Up
free)Sushi Monster, from Scholastic, is a great app for younger learners. The game covers addition to begin with, then moves on to multiplication. Numbers appear on sushi plates and are fed to a…
BrainBashers – Daily Futoshiki
Daily Futoshiki Solve a random Easy – Medium – Hard Japanese-type logic puzzle chosen from today’s collection.
Magic Vs :
Magic Vs Place each of the numbers 1 to 5 in the V shape below so that the two arms of the V have the same total. How many different possibilities are there? What do you notice about all the soluti…

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