questions, curiosity

Teaching Students to Ask Their Own Questions
“Students who learn to ask their own questions become more curious, take ownership of their learning, and demonstrate greater comprehension of challenging content.
How Nature Inspires Better Design (and What This Means for Students) – John Spencer
Help students learn how to observe. When I had to teach about adaptations, I brought in insects, crustaceans, and plants for students to observe. Instead of taking pictures, they had to sketch out
Facilitating Student Curiosity: Strategies and Resources – Global Learning – Education Week
questions lead to unexpected adventures and a new way of thinking. Everything starts with a question, even if you don’t realize teaching students how to ask and work with questions
Project Based Learning | BIE
one of the trickiest parts of designing a project is coming up with a Driving Question (DQ), or writing one with students. In this webinar we’ll discuss the purpose of a DQ
Engineering 101~Pop-Up Book! – High Tech Middle Chula Vista
In your own words, define what engineering is. What are the specializations within this field of engineering and what do they involve?mProvide a minimum of 10 everyday items/things
A List of 26 Student-Focused Essential Questions That Really Matter
“student-focused essential questions, think about the impact they can have. How does pondering the nature of such questions shape a student’s critical thinking and problem-solving capacity?
25 Self-Reflection Questions to Get Students Thinking About Their Learning
asking the right self-reflection questions. After all, we want to inspire deep thinking in our kids about their learning journeys. For example, how has what we’ve learned made us better?
20 of the Best Student Journaling Ideas for Thinking Skill Development
Question Journal: This inquiry idea is about students asking and improving their own questions.
A List of Over 100 Awesome Essential Questions Examples by Subject
an essential question as one that leads us to explore the problem and choose from plans and strategies to generate an applicable solution. It’s much more than that, though.
How to Help Students Ask Better Questions by Creating a Culture of Inquiry – John Spencer
Student inquiry is at the heart of student choice. When students are able to ask their own questions, they can chase their curiosity and tap into their own interests.
Letting Students Ask the Questions – John Spencer
As long as a question is respectful, allow students to question their world. This applies to analyzing mathematical processes, thinking through social issues, making sense out of a text
Inquiry and the Research Process | Edutopia
research process helps students locate and evaluate information about any topic, it does not ensure that they have an opportunity to ask questions, investigate problems, or make connections

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