any device will do

One of the second grade teachers currently has my Android tablet. She has had it for several weeks in the past and downloaded several apps. She had the kids use it along with the computers in her room and her iPad. Another platform wasn’t a problem as far as I know. Kids recognized the functions once they were in the app. The “system” knew who they were and reported to the teacher overview. Even one more device helped.

There are thousands of good/great educational apps for both iPads and Androids. Most “standard” school apps are available for both platforms. As the Android environment is easier for the developers, the Android versions frequently have more functionality sooner.

The whole app thing is getting to be a nightmare – downloads, updates, syncing, in-app purchase,.. Find something that sounds good, get tech support to get it installed on all the tablets, get the class to launch it, use it a couple of times, move on,… Going back to web apps may be the way to go. Many are adaptive – respond to the device, whatever it is, and display appropriately. Reliance on web apps requires robust internet access, but with a mix of on-device apps and internet, this works. Then platform doesn’t matter much.

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