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14 copyright essentials teachers and students must know | Ditch That Textbook
Creative Commons-licensed material can be used. In fact, when the author published it with that license, that’s what he/she intended! C…
What can we learn from John Hattie about Project Based Teaching? (Part 2) | Blog | Project Based Learning | BIE
five Project Based Teaching Practices. These appear on the left side of the table (in blue): Build the Culture, Manage Activities, Scaffo…
Lisa Nielsen: The Innovative Educator: Is #EdTech Really A Waste? 8 Lessons for The Uninformed
(substitution) of the SAMR model. (If you don’t know about SAMR read this). Because he failed to understand how technology can “redef…
Free Technology for Teachers: Tap to Learn Grammar
200 self-paced grammar lessons. The lessons don’t have videos embedded in them, but there are links to external videos hosted on YouT…
Embracing Student Creativity With a Wonder Shelf | Edutopia
containers, manipulatives, and supplies, along with some technology, I created a space that my students would go on to name “the won…

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