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valerie taylor Science Vocabulary
Look Up!,k-12,science
For each grade and science content area, there are both detailed lists and summary lists. For example, in the kindergarten science section, motion is one of the key areas. For kindergarten science, there are 85 motion vocabulary words organized in 9 lists.

Dictionary Squared – Improve your Vocabulary

Look Up!,resources,k-12
Over 1,000 students have used dictionarysquared to improve their vocabulary because it’s: Fun and Interactive: The program incorporates words in video clips and photographs and students compete for points to earn a spot on the Top 10 list.

The 5 Best Math Apps for the iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch

Look Up!,math,resources,activity,k-12aimed at kids between 5 and 12 years old, but grown ups can have just as much fun testing their brains with one of these innovative games.

Ohio Resource Center > for Mathematics Educators > Problem Corner > Problems

Look Up!,math,resources,activity 

The Textbook Free Math Classroom

Look Up!,math,teaching,resources

Desmos Graphing Calculator

Look Up!,math,teaching,resources,interactive
Desmos Calculator! Use this calculator for graphing, for calculating, for sharing, for creating. Look on the right for help or inspiration.

The 10 Best Maths Teaching Resource Websites | Great Maths Teaching Ideas

Look Up!,math,teaching,resources
A collection of fantastic teaching resource websites that every maths teacher must have in their bookmarks

Egyptian tomb mystery may be world’s first protractor

Look Up!,math,history
a physicist has thrown her hat into the ring, arguing that it is the world’s first known protractor

Cool Math & Physics Blogs | Degrees of Freedom, Scientific American Blog Network

Look Up!,math,resources,physics
favorite blogs in this brief post. Some of these are blogs I find invaluable and read as often as I can; others are just fun to check out once in a while.


Look Up!,math,activity,k-12,resources
MathPickle is a site for K-12 teachers. Here, you can get problems that engage a wide spectrum of student ability.

Project Based Learning in Mathematics: Learning Activities in Math

Look Up!,math,projects,activity
Six math projects that integrate real-world math problems are presented as a teaching strategy for helping students develop a greater understanding of math.

“We’ve Always Known That One-on-One is the Best Way to Learn”

Look Up!,math,teaching
Salman Khan, the lovable math nerd behind the much celebrated Khan Academy, in which students teach themselves math and other subjects via online videos, then work with their teachers individually on the bits they’re struggling with.

Flyvie Lite Recorder

Look Up!,activity,flying,training,video

Flyvie, manufacturer of flight recorders and debriefing systems, has the developed an iPhone app that records your flight, including video, audio, GPS, compass and accelerometer. Download flights into our Flyvie Lite Viewer and play back the flight recording over a Google Earth background. Use it for your flight training, flight refreshers, solo flights or for sharing your cross country experiences.

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