information about how to built airplanes

> hello i am india. i need a information about planes how to built
> the airplanes an all.I want it B-coz i want to do it in my science
> exhibition which is at school i saw the video in ur site i like it to much
> can u plzz give me details of the experiment plz…do the need full

Thank you for your email. We would be happy to provide information that can help you with your project. We will need to know a bit more information about your requirements.

What sort of experiment are you trying to find? What resources do you have available?

Are you a student? What grade level is this project for?

The Build A Plane video shows the airplane that high school students build from a kit that was purchased in the US. However we are working with many schools and youth groups that are using aviation to demonstrate the application of many math and science lessons. These might be appropriate to your needs.

You might find something appropriate in the links that we have collected

Please let us know more about your project and how we might assist you.

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