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Get kids flying!

We aren’t seeing much opportunity for kids to get involved in actual flying, but here is a great example of a program that works.

Encampments – Intro To Aviation
This introduction to aviation encampment is for high school students aged 13 to 18. It is a two day event that includes basic ground schools, several flights in a glider and instruction in an LSA powered aircraft. Ground schools include the basic of flying, aviation safety and professional opportunities in aviation and aerospace.

Flight Dynamics, Daytona FL

bap image
First Flights, Airport Events Can Inspire Future Pilots

An invitation to the local airport may be the difference between dreaming of flying and signing up for lessons. International Learn to Fly Day ( ) May 21 provides an opportunity for pilots to tear down the perceived walls at airports and get future pilots up in the sky for their first flight.

Check out AOPA’s online resource ( ) to learn how to participate in an event near you or plan your own. The page includes such resources as “Six steps to a successful orientation flight” and a special offer to help new student pilots kick-start their training.


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