Talkeetna, AK

planeTalkeetna planeThe day we picked up our Cherokee from under a tarp in the woods, just north of Willow.

After hauling the parts to Talkeetna the kids cleaned her up and moved her into the shop.

workAfter a couple of hours of class, and hundreds of hours of paint stripping we have….
a fuselage that is clean, and ready for the damaged parts to be replaced. And that means more hours of class, tests, and hours and hours of practice.

more work Much practice took place on old aircraft parts until the students knew how to lay out a job, how to drill out a skin and how to replace it with new aluminum and good clean riveting.  At this time we have a fuselage ready for work, and several students certified for drilling and riveting on the actual aircraft. 

rivetthe t-shirts With the fuselage ready to go, the kids have started to work drilling out the rivets on the wing skins, making the landing gear attachments available for repairs. 

Excitement and anticipation is running high as they are finally able to start sheet metal work on the actual aircraft.

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  1. Had a great time this weekend at the open house at build a plane hanger and the Hudson Bay fly in. I hope that Anchorage can get their program of the ground. The youngest on the team is 11 years old. I hope to be part of the plannig for next years open house and fly in.

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