best aviation links ever

We need your help!

We want to build a directory of the “best aviation links ever”.

The story so far… We are using the Diigo social bookmarking site to record and tag aviation / education resources. These are identified as being included in the group “Build A Plane”. Diigo provides a great system for searching and retrieving these links.

You can help!

Please send us your favorite aviation links. Include the web address and a brief description of why we should include this link. We are particularly interested in links to web sites that can be used by educators, mentors and kids participating in BuildAPlane projects.

Some of the things we would like to know about each site

  • audience – general interest, school kids, plane builders
  • educational activities – for classroom or youth groups
  • learning opportunity – connections between math, science, technology, engineering, aviation and/or aerospace
  • media – does the site include pictures, diagrams, illustrations, audio, video, animation
  • reference, directories – does the site provide links to other great sites

There are no limits – that is one of the really great things about the web. We can accommodate links to every great aviation site, now and in the future.

So keep those suggestions coming…

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