BuildAPlane does Diigo

It’s official. BuildAPlane’s Diigo group is now live.

BuildAPlane’s Diigo group will used to collect links to aviation web sites in general, and educational aviation sites in particular. Sites that have materials that connect science, technology, engineering and/or math to aviation will be highlighted.

Over time the collection will be reviewed and tagged so educators can search by grade level and topic to get a few really good suggestions that they can use with their learners.

We have just started but we think building this collection as a Diigo group is the best way to provide an important service to educators. Besides, everyone in the world can contribute if they want to help. That’s going to make this collection really special.

You can help too!

  • If you have suggestions for great educational aviation sites that we should include, please let us know – as a comment to this article is easiest.
  • If you want to get involved with the BuildAPlane LookUp! educators collection project, please join Diigo and request membership in the BuildAPlane Diigo group.

The BuildAPlane LookUp! educator collection is going to be great. Please help make it happen.

And come back to visit often.

BuildAPlane’s Diigo group

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