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For many classroom teachers, the shift to online learning will require some planning and creativity. School districts are stepping up to provide lessons. For activities teachers – Art, Music, … these prepared lessons can be used. However, this is an opportunity to explore some new ideas for teaching and learning. For developing and expanding technology supported teaching and learning, we refer to the SAMR model (Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, and Redefinition). Lessons can be shifted from classroom to technology without taking advantage of the additional learning opportunities afforded by the technology. Same learning objectives, same outcomes. Much more interesting and productive … Continue reading music online

games in education

College students provided these links and comments for an assignment for the class CIS2 Computers and the Internet in Society – Winter semester 2020. Computers Games in Education and Play. Try out a couple of educational games at Games for Change and find one that you think is particularly interesting. Write 2-3 sentences about the game and social issues associated with games in education. Post the web address of the description of the game you selected and your description to the Games in Education discussion. Try a couple of the recommended games and post your thoughts about each game you … Continue reading games in education

resources for teachers and parents

“Double Arch” by Jan Willem Broekema is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 Kids aren’t likely to be going back to school anytime soon. So now what? There are millions of online resources available. Many are really good – engaging, educational. Some are aligned with school standards. Some track progress and direct learning and practice. Some are just plain awesome – virtual field trips, challenging and great fun. The Best National Parks to Visit—Virtually | Travelzoo “The great Wallace Stegner once called America’s national parks “the best idea we ever had,” and we couldn’t agree more. Equal parts meditative and mind-blowing, … Continue reading resources for teachers and parents

crash, zebras, visible thinking

Inside IIHS | IIHS in the Classroom “Inside IIHS: Crash Test photography (4:41)Explore what it takes to produce the high-quality, slow-motion footage needed to learn exactly what happened in a crash test and to communicate those… Teaching STEM Though Crash Safety with IIHS in the Classroom – Lab Out Loud Griff Jones back to the show to close out season 12. Working with Griff, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has developed engaging, interactive resources that can be found within th… Cooling effect of zebra stripes observed in the wild for the first time the zebras have an ability … Continue reading crash, zebras, visible thinking