Southwest Adopt-A-Pilot @ Burns

Welcome to Adopt-A-Pilot

The Southwest® Adopt-A-Pilot (AAP) Program has inspired thousands of fifth-grade students across the country through fun, STEM-centered activities, and experiments since 1997. The program connects Southwest Pilots with classrooms to engage students in fun, aviation-related lessons that define a plan for future success and spark an interest in careers in aviation.

How Adopt-A-Pilot Works

Each school year, students in more than 1,500 classrooms across the country will “adopt” Southwest’s Pilots, giving our passionate aviators opportunities to mentor students in and around the fifth-grade level. As part of the Adopt-A-Pilot Program, students will also research careers and further develop life skills, while the importance of staying in school is reinforced along with the importance of life values. Southwest is pleased to offer these opportunities at no cost to participating schools.

Educational Resources

Expand your mind, jump into online activities, and explore the wild blue yonder with these exciting “Continue to Learn” resources. You can find supplements to the Adopt-A-Pilot curriculum, click on great educational links, learn about Adopt-A-Pilot online, and more.Careers in aviation

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