Mars, backyard biology

Mars_Helicopter_Ingenuity.png (PNG Image, 750 × 380 pixels)
Mars helicopter Ingenuity
Designing an Online Lesson Using the 5 Es Instructional Model – Google Docs
ElaborateMake connectionsConnect concepts Connect concepts to life beyond the classroomConnect concepts to art, literature, musicApply learning to new or novel situationsTackle quirky real-world p…
Going Digital: 9 Teacher-Author Tips for Blended and Distance Learning [Free Downloadable] | The TpT Blog
online instruction or refining how you use digital tools, this tip sheet is full of ideas and tips from other educators who’ve gone digital. Here are just some of the advice you’ll find: “…
From Emergency Remote Learning to Effective Learning Any Time, Anywhere – KATIE MARTIN
Not all kids have devices, support, or consistent routines at home and it will make connecting and learning based on the expectations of schools challenging. This means that some learners will requ…
Explore Mars With Scratch Activity | NASA/JPL Edu
students create a Mars exploration game using the Scratch programming language. They will engage in computational thinking, use math and include elements of real rover-mission planning to design th…
Make a Cardboard Rover Project | NASA/JPL Edu
Rovers are a kind of carlike spacecraft that NASA uses to explore the surfaces of other worlds! So far, rovers have gone to Mars and the Moon – and one day, they might go even farther. NASA plans…
CMS PK-8 Self-Directed Summer Remote Learning Resources – Google Docs
CMS PreK-5 Self-Directed Summer Remote Learning ResourcesPre-K Resources Literacy Resources
TEA asking schools to hold in-person instruction for students with unreliable internet |
link to slides.pdf – In a graph, the agency said in the U.S., as of May 24, 2020, students from low-income ZIP codes decreased progress in online math coursework by 55.6% compared to January 2020….
Learn at Home | National Geographic Society
Curated collections of learning activities to implement at home. By educators. For educators, parents, and caregivers.Mars_Helicopter_Ingenuity.png (PNG Image, 750 × 380 pixels)
Biology In Your Backyard – YouTube
Explore biology in your own backyard with Prof. Marc Johnson and his kids! In this episode we explore the biodiversity beneath logs, rocks and bark around your home. A great introduction to nature…
5 Tips for Blending The Question Formulation Technique (QFT) with NGSS
assess progress when doing the QFT. This process encourages active participation, collaboration, consistency, reflection and ownership. Notice that the rubric focuses on these metacognitive and beh…
Webinar Registration Success – Zoom
Make it Virtual; Take it Anywhere: Adapting the QFT to New EnvironmentsDescriptionCome join us for a special, interactive webinar to share ideas for using the Question Formulation Technique (QFT) i…
About | what3words
what3words is a really simple way to talk about location.We have assigned each 3m square in the world a unique 3 word address that will never change.For example ///filled.count.soap marks the exact…
5 Effective Modeling Strategies for K-12 English Learners | Edutopia
Effective modeling can take many different forms. In all cases, modeling should clarify the expectations of the task without giving away the answer, and should remain available for students to acce…
Designing Your LMS to Make Distance Learning Better for Elementary and Middle School Students | Edutopia
First, create a place that houses everything learners and families need. A checklist with links or a week at a glance on your home page or via email is a solid start but shouldn’t be all you offe…
How to Mix STEM and Play with Hybrid Learning – edWeb
While many schools have different plans on what classrooms will look like, most agree there will be a combination of both in-person time and virtual learning – we call this hybrid learning.In thi…

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