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PikiWiki Israel 3708 Band kids at Shavuot 2009

For many classroom teachers, the shift to online learning will require some planning and creativity. School districts are stepping up to provide lessons. For activities teachers – Art, Music, … these prepared lessons can be used. However, this is an opportunity to explore some new ideas for teaching and learning.

For developing and expanding technology supported teaching and learning, we refer to the SAMR model (Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, and Redefinition). Lessons can be shifted from classroom to technology without taking advantage of the additional learning opportunities afforded by the technology. Same learning objectives, same outcomes. Much more interesting and productive are the changes that can be introduced to take advantage of the technology to extend (Modification) and surpass  and transform (Redefinition) the learning inherent in Substitution and Augmentation.

These resources address some of the opportunities for MUSIC teaching necessitated by the Covid-19 required shift to online learning.

Music Education Resources – VH1 Save The Music Foundation
If your school is closed due to COVID-19, check out these websites and free online platforms that are especially tailored for long distance education and engagement.ONLINE RESOURCESCheck out these…
Resources For Teaching Remotely
Downloadables Thousands of our songs, collections, musicals, recorder collections, back issues and other products are available in downloadable format and could thus be adapted to remote learnin…
Stomp Out Loud
video 3:47
The Show | STOMP | Official Site
Matchboxes, brooms, garbage cans, Zippo lighters and more fill the stage with energizing beats at STOMP, the inventive and invigorating stage show that’s dance, music and theatrical performance…
Stomp Out Loud: A Wonderful Teaching Tool
Phys Ed teacher and I cooperated on the project. She worked with the students primarily on choreography and movement, while I focused on rhythm patterns, meter, etc. Our collaboration worked well,…
Music Journal Topic Ideas
Who is the greatest musical influence on your life? Do you plan to continue playing your instrument in high school? Beyond? Why or why not? What is the hardest thing for you to do on your ins…
Music Literacy Rubrics
Imagination or Creative Production1. Student assists in creation and demonstration of rhyming patterns, words, and phrases. Student demonstrates a thorough understanding of rhythm and meter through…
Recorder Dance Revolution
I place rubber spots on the floor for students who forgot their recorder or who need reinforcement understanding the fingerings. I place one spot to the side to represent the thumb hole on back. I…
Opera Unit
We wrap up by realizing that they know a lot more about opera than they thought they knew. And we’ve gotten the “It ain’t over till the fat lady sings” stuff out of our systems. T…
Teaching Ballet
The Firebird because it has monsters, princesses, a prince, an evil king, princes turned to stone, etc… right up the kids’ alley. I also read Swan Lake by Pamela Kennedy and Russ Flint (Ideal…
Teaching with YouTube
show the kids videos of famous musicians that related to the subject we were studying. During a 4th grade jazz unit, I was able to find historic video of Ella Fitzgerald, Dizzy Gillespie, Pat…
Use Beat Buddies to Help Improve Reading Skills
children who have trouble keeping a steady beat will have trouble learning to read. Therefore, I have been really working on keeping a steady beat with all of my younger classes.
Word Of The Week (WOW) Word Lists By Grade
words that I consider foundational words everyone should know at a glance, then I sorted the other words into specific lists for grades 3, 4, 5, and 6-8 combined. I’m listing the words “
Music K-8 Idea Bank Search Results
“Idea Bank Search ResultsSearch results for Subject: “Lesson Plans/Curriculum”Items found: 419”
The Music Teacher’s Engagement Library: Resources for K-8 Music Room
“Check Out Some Videos!Use these in the classroom with my compliments…Sasha (PreK-5th)A contagious, super fun Russian song…Two Monkeys (PreK-2nd)Get ready to move, laugh, smile, and sing!&…
Video: World Communities Concert for grades K-6
“Your students will experience an Indian tabla drum, an exotic stringed instrument from Europe, a “pocket instrument” with global roots and more as they sing in various languages, answer q…
Teaching Music Online 101 | Lessonface
“Our number one recommendation for better understanding of what to expect in an online lesson is give it a try. To test, register for a free account at Lessonface, as menu with video test room…
Online Public Elementary School Programs | K12
K12-powered virtual elementary public schools give your child a well-rounded, quality education that fits your family’s schedule. K–5 programs offer courses in English, history, math, science,…
Music Workshop | Educate with music, Inspire through music, Motivate using music.
Music Workshop is predicated on the ‘open education’ concept: a global movement that brings quality online education to schools and students everywhere, free-of-chargeThe program is delivered t…
K-2 Art & Music Interactives – UEN
Compose your own music by choosing the type of note you want to use.Match the rhythm you hear by hitting a section of the drum set.Monster MusicPlay music with some of your favorite Sesame Street f…

Brevard Elementary Music Curriculum .pdf

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