Science of Reading

There are so many kids who lack basic reading skills. Understanding more about the science of reading is useful for those of us with no formal training who volunteer in reading programs.

What Is the Science of Reading? | Reading Rockets
The “science of reading” includes more than phonics and phonological awareness.Phonics is certainly an important part of the science of reading, but it’s not the whole thing.Any real “scien…
The Settled Science of Teaching Reading – Part 1 | Center for the Collaborative Classroom
dichotomy between phonics instruction (the explicit teaching of letters and sounds) and a whole language approach (a focus on discovery and making meaning). clear progression to effective literacy…
teaching reading strategies – Google Search
<p class=”diigo-tags”><strong>Tags:</strong> <a href=’; rel=’tag’…
National Reading Panel – Wikipedia
April 2000, the panel issued its report, “Teaching Children to Read,” and completed its work.[1][2] The report summarized research in eight areas relating to literacy inst…
NCTQ: Blog: The Science of Teaching Reading
explicit, systematic instruction in all five essential components of early reading instruction (phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and reading comprehension).”
Science of Reading: The Podcast – Amplify
latest insights from researchers and practitioners in early reading. Each episode takes a conversational approach and explores a timely topic related to the science of reading.explores the increas…
“Transform Your Program with Learning UpgradeThe Learning Upgrade app gives education providers a new way to reach low-literate and ESL students. Learners can use site computer labs or their o…
Book Creator – bring creativity to your classroom – Book Creator app
Get some inspirationCheck out this series of ebooks, made in Book Creator. These experienced educators share their tips, ideas and resources to help you supercharge your Book Creator lessons! See a…
‘We Read Too’ app connects young readers of color with books they can relate to
free app called We Read Too, which allows young readers to browse more than 600 books featuring black, Latinx, Asian, Indigenous, and other non-white characters. All of the featured books are writt…
About STEM Read – STEM Read
“STEM Read uses live and online programs to inspire readers to learn more about the science, technology, engineering, and math concepts in popular fiction. Readers enjoy the books on their own…

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