1. Ice Cream & Airplanes

For some folks, owning and flying a small plane is much the same as enjoying boating or motorcycling as a hobby. It is not unusual to go flying just for fun for an hour or so to visit places of interest that are near airports, such as beaches, restaurants, parks, museums, etc.


Our  family loved to take short hops in our 1964 single engine Cherokee 160.  We would often go from our home airport in Burlington, WI (BUU) to the nearby airport in Watertown, WI (RYV) where there was an ice cream shop right next to the field.


The unique 3-letter set of initials in parenthesis attached to the end of the name of an airports above is the code that that been assigned to that particular airport. Each airport in the country has a different code even though there may be more than one airport in the same city.


You can see another small plane in the background. It is a popular model made by Cessna.  Notice that its wings are attached above the main body of the plane (referred to as a “high wing”), while our “low wing” Cherokee has the wing placement beneath the fuselage.


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Take the Sci/Tech Challenge:

Our normal cruise speed in the Cherokee 160 was about 115 miles per hour.  How long would it take for us to fly from our home to the ice cream shop?


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