Washington Island

During the summer of 2018, after I had my private pilot’s license, we took the Cherokee up to Washington Island, WI. The airport there has bicycles for visiting pilots to borrow. We rode to the beach, to town for food and then to a lavender field to get ice cream! Lavender ice cream is surprisingly good.  

You’ll notice the beach is made up of rocks not sand like the beaches in Florida. The small rocks were glacier-polished over thousands of years and are each small geological treasures. In fact, souvenir hunters carried off so many of the rocks there is now a steep fine for removing one.  

It was a beautiful clear day – perfect for VFR flying.  VFR (Visual Flight Rules) are the basic see-and-avoid rules used by all pilots in good weather and in airspace that is not being controlled by ATC (Air Traffic Control).  A pilot who has earned an IFR rating can fly, relying on the plane’s instruments, when weather or air traffic conditions require more than just a pilot’s eyesight or when the flight will be in controlled airspace.

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