Come Fly with Me

cropped-quin-intro.jpgOne of the reasons I’m writing this blog is to share my flying adventures with friends at Burns Science and Technology School in Oak Hill, Florida.

I got to know the students there when I spoke to several classes during their annual Aviation Week in 2017. At that time I was just beginning my training to become a commercial pilot.

They were very excited about aviation in general and had many great questions about my own personal experiences, but we ran out of time. When we parted, I promised to keep in touch; hopefully this blog will help.

To add to the fun, I will try to take with me, and photograph whenever possible, two miniature plush figures of their school mascot, the Bald Eagle. I have named them Sci and Tech. We invite you to join us as I expand my skills as a commercial airline pilot and explore the world.

To create this blog, we used a basic engineering tool, the Engineering Design Process (EDP).

Sci & Tech say: Learn more about . . .
EDP (Link to Slide 6 & 7)
Applying the EDP to this blog (Link to slide 7)