Who’s Who

My name is Quin and I invite you to
join me as I expand my skills as a
commercial airline pilot and explore
the world.

My name is Sci. I’m one of the eagle
twins who have been adopted as
mascots by Burns Science and
Technology School in Oak Hill, Florida.
You can remember that I’m a female
because my name starts with an “s”
just like the word “she.” I usually
wear bright necklaces or belts.

My name is Tech. I’m the other eagle
twin. You can tell us apart because I
usually wear a blue T-shirt with our
school’s name on it. We have been
invited to go with our human friend
Quin as she follows her new career as
a commercial airline pilot and travels
the world. We hope you will join us.

Additional photo & caption joining the other 2 photos in Who’s Who section about the twins. . . . . .


Tech shows how we can be safely stowed for travel in Quin’s carry-on backpack.


Additional photos and captions joining the other photo in the Who’s Who section about Quin.. . . . .

I learned to fly in a (Cessna __/ or other) and got my private pilot’s license in 20( ). In this photo I am flying high over (place) (on a cross country trip/out to the practice area to work on stalls/whatever).

BST Eagle twins intro.docx
BST Quin’s Intro-draft 1.docx

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