AI, PBL and swiss cheese

The Elephant in the Room: Grading in Project Based Learning | PBLWorks
“grading in PBL:Project Based Grading, by Mike McFaddenHow Do We Assess (And Possibly, Grade) Project Based Learning? by Ross CooperEvaluation Within Project Based Learning, by Michael Hernand…
Can Artificial Intelligence Predict Student Engagement? Researchers Investigate – Digital Education – Education Week
Imagine if artificial intelligence—the same machine learning Netflix uses to suggest new movies to customers based on past favorites—could show teachers that students are more engaged first thi…
I Can Has Numberz? – Scientific American Blog Network
We are ridiculous creatures, but at least we’re cute. I think the way we do math is no different. Here are five of the most adorable things about our relationship with numbers and other aspects…
The Serendipity of Swiss Cheese – Scientific American Blog Network
“Approximation is a recurring theme in mathematics. Sometimes it seems like all of mathematics is saying, “Well, I know how to solve the problem in this domain. Is there a way I can approxim…
Clean (some of) your digital data with the @JumboPrivacy iOS app – UKEdChat
We never collect, store or process data you manage through Jumbo. In fact, we don’t even know who you are. Jumbo, a great little free iOS app, you can easily remove old Twitter posts, limit what…
Jumbo: Your Privacy Assistant for iPhone
One app for all your privacy needs.One simple and efficient way to make privacy approachable is to design a universal interface to manage all your privacy needs in one place.With Jumbo for iPhone,…
PBL in the Math Classroom: A New Book, Plus More Resources | PBLWorks
Consider using more of a problem-based approach to projects, which can be performance tasks or simulations. They can still have all the Gold Standard PBL project design elements to some extent, alt…

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