virtual valentines

Virtual Valentines and 2 Other Cool, Easy Collaborative Ideas for Teachers @coolcatteacher
paired with a classroom in another part of the world. You’ll exchange Valentines and learn geography! Then, the simple Awesome Squiggles Project gives students a mindful collaborative art project…
Thanks to rapid, 3D imaging, anyone can tour the fly brain | Berkeley News
fly-through of the fly brain allows anyone to whizz past neurons and visit any of the 40 million synapses where neurons touch neuron. It’s a super-resolution view of the complex network connectio…
“Nonfiction & Literary Articles The largest, highest-quality library of nonfiction and literary articles, carefully curated to support reading comprehension Invite students to class. Super…
How To Find An Authentic Audience For Your Students’ Work – The Edublogger
An authentic audience is powerful. When students know someone beyond the teacher will see their work, they can be motivated to push themselves and work harder.This is something Clive Thompson wrote…
Microbes: From Farm to Fork | Podcasts | Naked Scientists
kWe’re making a meal out of microbes, meet the little helpers that get food onto the table. Plus, in the news, the intelligent material that help wounds to heal, scientists get to the bottom of h…
Microscope Image Guessing Game SEM Sample by Tiny Worlds – Microscope Images
“Microscope Image Guessing Game with Scanning Electron Microscope Pictures Sample can be a great way to introduce SEM images. Microscopic images are fascinating to many students. This package…
Martin Luther King Jr. Background Web Quest: A Free Resource! by 21stCenturyLit
This Web Quest will lead students on a journey that starts with King’s childhood and takes them through key events of The Civil Rights Movement, King’s most famous speeches, and finally, to…

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