Podcasts come in all shapes and sizes. Yes, there are no pictures. These are audio only on a broad range of topics. Some really interesting podcasts are as short as 1-3 minutes. Other run for an hour so may not be suitable for classroom use.

Some examples of short, informative podcastsdiscoveryfiles_f_e8f85313-cd10-4429-afa7-86efb6db5153

National Science Foundation = The Discovery Files podcast is available through iTunes or you can add the RSS feed to your podcast receiver. You can also access the series via AudioNow® by calling 641-552-8180 on any telephone.

    • Bot Flies – Stanford researchers have modified small flying robots to anchor onto surfaces and pull heavy loads, moving objects 40 times their weight with the help of powerful winches and two previous inventions — gecko adhesives and microspines.


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