spatial thinking

Spatial Thinking

  1. 3D Thinking Rotations Test – & questions. Enter your Alpha code when you are done. When you submit the test, you will see your score – small dark box in the upper right corner eg. 5/7
  2. Spatial Reasoning Test – This test contains 8 questions You should attempt to answer as many questions as you can. This is a time pressured test – work as quickly and accurately as you can. You have 2 ¼ minutes to answer. Take the text and record your score. You will take the test again in a few weeks. Most people improve when they have a bit more experience with spatial visualization.
  3. Spatial Awareness Puzzles and games – Try several of the puzzles. Many are Flash so may not run on iPads, but should be ok on desktops or laptops. The iPad Puffin browser supports Flash. These puzzles run in Firefox on the classroom desktops. Make a note of your favorites and say why.


  4. 3D drawing – Access the isometric dot paper or here on your iPad. external image img_0268.png external image img_0267.png
  5. Compare the LEGO stack with the isometric and footprint drawings. Draw these on your iPad.
  6. Rotation – Look at the structure from a different side. Rotate the structure. Turn it over and view it from the bottom. Look down from the top. Draw the isometric diagrams for all SIX views.
  7. Create your own block structure. Draw the footprint and the isometric views for 2 different views of your structure. Swap with someone else and draw these views for this structure.
  8. Origami Crane – (video 4:12) The origami crane is the most well known of all the origami models: These instructions should make it easy for you to make your own beautiful crane.

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