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Project Based Learning in the Geometry Classroom – Getting Smart by Megan Mead – math teacher resources, Online Learning, PBL
Each project is based around a specific driving questions and takes students on a unique journey through the geometry standards. The projects are presented in a sequence
PBL Projects | Challenges – NEBHE – PBL Projects
The PBL Projects are aligned to the Common Core State Standards and other national education standards. Please see the Standards Alignment section under each PBL project on this page
CCSS Alignment
Blinded by the Light Use units to solve problems Area of a circle Define appropriate quantities Trig ratios of right triangles Choose appropriate level of accuracy
Standards for Mathematical Practice= Habits of Mind=Project-Based Learning | OCM BOCES Instructional Support
“how the MP standards are tied to the essential elements of PBL. The first essential element in the PBL process is a focus on significant content and authentic issues.
Tips for Using Project-Based Learning to Teach Math Standards | Edutopia
if there is a 3-week unit coming up around a specific math learning target, this would be a great opportunity to create a project.
Assessing the Common Core Standards: Real Life Mathematics | Edutopia assess standard related to area and volume? culminating product in PBL terms
PBL Resources for Math, K-8 – LiveBinder
Yes! Math and PBL do go hand-in-hand together!It’s definitely about Learning by Doing!
introduce challenging, inquiry-based activities to every middle school math classroom in order to foster student participation, enthusiasm and improvement through rigorous discussion.
Teaching without words | Matthew Peterson | TEDxOrangeCoast – YouTube
In school, the dominant way of conveying ideas is through words. Words can be great barriers to learning. Matthew Petersen shows and explains how we can learn without words
Project Based Learning
these problems will stray from mathematics into other disciplines such as Science or Social Studies. This is encouraged and should make the project even more meaningful.
NASA – Exploring Space Through Math
Problems in this project follow the 5-E’s Instructional Model with a segment for each phase of instruction – Engage, Explore, Explain, Extend and Evaluate. This model is based on the constructivism
Math Project Ideas: Examples of Project-Based Learning | HubPages
These 160 math projects, from schools across the US, provide overviews, activities, assessment rubrics, work-product descriptions, and ideas for reflection. Although they vary in format

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