Insects for Kids – Profiles, Anatomy, Games, Activities and More «
Scary Insects learn about some of the “scariest” insects in the world. Learn about which of these insects look much scarier than they really are, and which REALLY ARE that scary.
Fun Insect Facts for Kids – Interesting Information about Insects
Check out our fun insect facts for kids. Learn about different insect parts, which insects can walk on water, how ants communicate and much more. Read on and enjoy a variety of interesting information
Bugs for Kids: Learn about insects and arachnids
There are more types of insects than any other type of animal on the planet. The main categories of insects are butterflies, moths, beetles, centipedes, flies, grasshoppers, and social insects.
Kids Corner | Cool & Interesting Facts on Bugs and Insects
cool and interesting things about bugs. Insects can be such pests, but learning about them can be fun! For example, did you know that ants can lift 100 times their own body weight?

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