great school buildings

Introducing a Framework for High Quality Project Based Learning
common guidepost and language for describing what high quality PBL student experiences look like. Many organizations have project tools and resources available for educators looking to plan for PBL
District Goals – Strategic Plan – Byron Public Schools
By 2018, the Byron Public Schools will be recognized as a leading, renowned school system in the world by challenging the status quo and developing new norms for education utilizing real-world tools
What is the future of technology in education? | Teacher Network | The Guardian
it will need the cloud. Schools and other educational institutions will need to futureproof their infrastructure the best they can. This should be happening now.
Real Ways WE Can Help Inspire a Generation of Innovators – A.J. JULIANI
We Can Do Things Better, But What Should We Do Different? How can we shape our learning activities and assessments to match what the world actually looks like right now?
Why We Changed Our Model of the “8 Essential Elements of PBL” | Blog | Project Based Learning | BIE
multiple ways to describe what a project is about, we continue to suggest in our PBL workshops and project design materials that teachers operationalize the challenging problem or question
Gold Standard PBL: Project Based Teaching Practices | Blog | Project Based Learning | BIE
“teach” in a PBL classroom. Many traditional practices remain, but are reframed in the context of a project.
Project Based Teaching Rubric | Project Based Learning | BIE
This rubric describes beginning, developing, and Gold Standard levels for Project Based Teaching Practices for K-12 teachers. This rubric features detailed, concrete indicators
Project Design Rubric | Project Based Learning | BIE
The Project Design Rubric uses the Essential Project Design Elements as criteria to evaluate projects. The rubric aligns with BIE’s Gold Standard PBL model. Definitions and practical examples
Recommended for Gold Standard PBL | Project Based Learning | BIE
As Project Based Learning gains momentum around the world, it’s more important than ever that teachers, students, and stakeholders share a common understanding of what high-quality PBL means.
Container City II – Projects – Container City
Arguably the most famous container building in the world, Container City II is easily recognisable by its funky ziggurat shape and bright colours designed to reflect the creative nature
5 principles of extraordinary math teaching | Math for Love
activities to encourage students to own their mathematical experiences, to give kids an opportunity—and a reason—to fall in love with math. So we introduce our lessons with this list
Potential Charter School Applicants – Charter Schools – Volusia County Schools
March 5, 2018 South East Volusia School of Science and Technology Capacity Interview from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.*​April 24, 2018 Tentative School Board Meeting Date at 4 p.m.*
SE Volusia School of Science and Technology.pdf
charter school application document – huge pdf 600+ pages
The 30 Most Amazing High School Campuses in the World-Pinnacle Architecture
impact architecture has on learning. Studies have found that students perform better in math, reading and standardized tests in certain environments – particularly in learning spaces
8 Essentials For Great School Buildings | Parenting
Wouldn’t it be amazing if our children’s school buildings oozed learning and creativity?

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