math videos

Ten Equations That Changed the World
Connecting to Math in Real Life | Education World
connect to the real world in math class. On the Information Highway,” we can find online collections of real-world math activities, math activities with a specific real-life focus
Project Search | Project Based Learning | BIE
Search for projects – Math Middle school 61 results
Free Technology for Teachers: 4 Ways to Use Flipgrid in 4th Grade
Fligrid is an easy to use video discussion platform, that allows students and teachers to record video responses anywhere from fifteen to 90 seconds. My students can record videos
20 Great YouTube Channels for Math Teachers ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning
best YouTube channels we reviewed this year. You can draw on these resources to access and find educational video content to help you in the teaching of math for different grade levels
Is It the End of Math Homework? – A.J. JULIANI
create their own word problem or puzzle that represented the mathematical concepts. The goal was to create a problem that was challenging for others students to solve
Design Thinking Can Work in Any Subject – John Spencer
“design thinking. It works within the standards in every subject. It’s a flexible approach that you can use with limited resources. It isn’t something new that you add to your crowded schedule
Mathematics – Science360 – Video Library
“Mathematics is about numbers, shapes, symmetry, chance, change and more. Much more! Math is not only the most rigorous mental discipline ever invented, it’s among the richest
iTunes U – LearningWorks for Kids
Mathematics access to recorded lectures, videos of example problems, quizzes and tests, nightly homework assignments, and text books. practice math without the time restraints or pressures

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