math projects

Browse All – National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Science Games and Videos | Educational Games for Kids
collection of educational videos, games, puzzles that kids love
Math Teaching Resources for K-5 Classrooms
free example activities available for download
Math Bits Secondary Math Resources with the Common Core
fun, yet challenging, lessons and activities in secondary (and college level) mathematics and computer programming for students and teachers. Created by two mathematics teachers.
Math Resources | MIT BLOSSOMS
Table Talk math – Table Talk Math
Each week, the newsletter will have a different prompt, maybe an article or a book recommendation, and guest contributions. Subscribe to Table Talk Math and prepare for a weekly idea (or two)
Teaching Resources | CMC – California Mathematics Council
online resources were selected as examples of sites that are available online for educators to use to find lesson ideas, online projects, movie clips, and/or interactive games/activities to use
Math Resource Reviews
tap into the most powerful feature of OER: the ability to freely adapt and redistribute materials.
Inside Mathematics Collection Resources | OER Commons
Illustrative Mathematics Collection Resources | OER Commons
Search – Recommended Literature List (CA Dept of Education)
Search Criteria: Discipline – Mathematics; Grade Level Span – 6-8 140 results
MATH 9X – Elementary Algebra
An introduction to algebra covering solving and graphing linear equations, polynomials, factoring, and rational expressions
MATH 107 – Math in Society
9 topics: Problem solving, voting theory, graph theory, growth models, consumer finance, collecting data, describing data, probability, and historical counting. Additional optional topics are provided
Free Online Textbooks, Flashcards, Adaptive Practice, Real World Examples, Simulations | CK-12 Foundation
100% Free, Personalized Learning for Every Student Create digital classrooms, customize textbooks, and learn K-12 STEM concepts.
K-12 Math Projects: About Project-Based Learning
projects should result from students’ attempts to answer essential questions. They can take many forms: products, presentations, performances. They might fit any of three structures
Grade 6 Curriculum Map | The Math Projects Journal
lesson handouts for MPJ lessons and links to other resources. Lesson plans and answer keys are available
Pure Mathematics Project Ideas
mathematics as “the study of quantity, structure, space and change.” With a definition like that, it’s easy to see why math is often called “the language of science.”
Use Math to Design Mazes in OpenScad — Games | Make:
create a maze using a procedurally generated algorithm that is feasible to 3D print. Mazes have been studied for some time, and there are many variants of the algorithms that create them.
The Exploding Dots Experience – The Global Math Project
(67) Pinterest
lots of ideas for math projects
Scratch Studio – Math projects
This gallery is for projects that teach some mathematics, show how to implement some tricky math in scratch, or use mathematics in some substantial way.
K-12 Math Projects on the Web
project-based learning, it might be easier to start by participating in one or adapting one to your setting that has been designed by others.
Toolkit |
Grade 6 Toolkit – Mathematics – Standards Student ResourcesInstructional resources including: Lesson Plans Virtual Manipulatives Original Student Tutorials Mathematics – Statistics – Grades 9-12 – The Internet’s #1 Education Site for K-8 Kids and Teachers
variety of games and keeps going all the way to eighth grade (whereas many other sites cut off after fifth grade). It is free to play, but a bit heavy with advertisements.
Arcademic Skill Builders – Fun Educational Games for Kids
Arcademics combines arcade-style games with educational concepts. Good for practicing skills

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