digital differentiation

Digital Differentiation Tools for Teachers ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning
“digital differentiation is all about designing and facilitating student driven learning experiences that are fuelled by standard based essential questions and powered by digital tools
Hierarchy of Needs for Innovation & Divergent Thinking – Leadership, Innovation & Divergent Teaching
“take away as many barriers as possible and create an atmosphere where they have everything they need to be innovative and give their students a chance to be as well.
10 steps to climb out from education’s silos – EDUWELLS
“official New Zealand educational policy that even most kiwi teachers are struggling to come to terms with. When moving from a standardised educational model
Teaching With a Mountain View: Bright Ideas Blog Hop! Increasing Critical & Creative Thinking in your “Spare Time”
“hort and snappy (less than 5 minutes, in most cases) activities that get my class THINKING and ENGAGED! Some of these are new and some are old, but perhaps you might pick up a tip to use
10 Team-Building Games That Promote Collaborative Critical Thinking
While education technology is a basic and crucial component of the 21st century classroom, educators must still ensure that students are engaging with each other in meaningful ways. Team-building
thought bubble page to encourage critical thinking, reflection
Thinking skills
questions, visible thinking, Bloom
Perplex: Classic puzzles, past and present – OpenLearn – Open University
“Have you got what it takes to earn all 3 stars for each of our main puzzles? Robot Repair: Help the robots to unscramble the computer network Art: Paint the picture
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CPALMS is an online toolbox of information, vetted resources, and interactive tools that helps educators effectively implement teaching standards. It is the State of Florida’s official source
Subscribers: Ditch That Textbook (via 101)
access to: 101 Practical Ways to Ditch That Textbook, an insanely practical guide full of new teaching ideas The Digital PIRATE: Tech Like a PIRATE, great activities

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