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Why Getting Comfortable With Discomfort Is Crucial To Success
no worthwhile aspiration can be accomplished from within our comfort zone. Only in giving up the security of the known can we create new opportunity, build capability, and grow influence.”
Developing Students’ Ability to Give and Take Effective Feedback | MindShift | KQED News
“If the feedback could be copied and pasted onto someone else’s project, it’s not specific enough. Good feedback points to concrete evidence in the piece of work.”
13 Simple Ways to Integrate Technology into any Lesson Plan by PowToon!
there is a simple way to ​ ‘techify’ your existing lesson plans. Sit back and check out these 13 ways to integrate technology into any lesson!
5 Lessons from Implementing Personal Learning – Next Gen Learning in Action – Education Week
Personal Learning Readiness Skills express student voice recognize one’s own interests, strengths, and values be proactive in inquiry-based learning be accountable for one’s own learning
Manatee – Ocean Conservancy
“Sometimes referred to as a sea cow, I can grow to be up to 10 feet long and weigh up to 1,200 pounds. I move slowly through canals and coastal areas, at a rate of about five miles per hour.
How To Embed Pinterest Boards And Pins On Your Blog – The Edublogger
use Pinterest in a variety of ways, such as for: sharing and finding lesson plans and learning activities finding inspiration for organizing and decorating the classroom
Home – Novel Engineering Challenges
Novel Engineering Challenges is an approach for taking commonly read books and adding a problem-solving, hands-on dimension! To compete with classrooms from all over the world
Letting Students Ask the Questions – John Spencer
As long as a question is respectful, allow students to question their world. This applies to analyzing mathematical processes, thinking through social issues, making sense out of a text
How to Use Edtech to Get Your Learners Active and Moving | EdSurge News
consider using these edtech-powered ideas to get your learners’ bodies moving and brains working.activate curiosity, thinking, and problem-solving in students’ brains.
Features – Edublogs – free blogs for education
“FREE Great for giving blogging a try, and it’s free, woo!”

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