classroom tablets

How To Use Tablets – 23 Creative Ways of Using Tablets Today – Use of Technology
“Access Educational Content using Apps: itunes and Google Android market have lots of educational apps which can be downloaded for free; these apps can work on most tablets to improve on the l…
Back to School – 10 Reasons to Use Kindle Fire HD Tablet for Independent Reading – MommyB Knows Best
“Technology encourages reading. While we have our own library and occasionally check physical books out from our local library, often times our girls want “screen-time” aka to play on tech…
7 Must-Have Android Tablet Apps For the Classroom | Big Think
portable technology enriches classroom learning. Groupboard a kind of online whiteboard. Students can access their group’s whiteboard and plan their projects from the comfort of their own home…
Classroom Management of Tablets | School Computing | FANDOM powered by Wikia
When tablets are introduced into the classroom, it is critical that the teacher is equipped with skills to manage the students use of these devices. Lack of management skills will doom these effort…
10 Tips for Kindle in the Classroom – Getting Smart by Guest Author – elearning
For many students who struggle in reading many are now more inspired to read books on an eReader device as compared to a traditional book. Here are 10 tips for using Kindles in the classroom that I…
Tablet Classroom Management Software | Radix
“SmartClass creates a new form of collaborative learning environment. Teachers can see real-time screen activity and anything on screen can be monitored and shared. In the SmartClass classroom…
Touch Tablet Suprises.pdf
“Not only were they proud of their work of art, but they also took great pride in their collaborative effort—quite a contrast from the more common single-ownership attitudes seen with tradit…
Children ‘need 100 key words’ to read | Education | The Guardian
“The crucial 100 words· a, about, after, all, am, an, and, are, as, at, away· back, be, because, big, but, by· call, came, can, come, could· did, do, down”
U of T startup’s Talking Stickers among Top 100 innovations in education | University of Toronto Alumni
“uses stickers with QR codes that play on users phones and tablets. The startup works with local education centres in disadvantaged communities globally to record stickers in different languag…
Brain scans show building blocks activate spatial ability in children better than board games — ScienceDaily
“children’s spatial processing. Such processing includes mental rotation, which involves visualizing what an object will look like after it is rotated. The research lends new support to th…
What is STEM education? Teaching in physical and online classrooms — ScienceDaily
“Engineering is context — application and building is most important STEM is an approximation for the engineering design process, which science, tech and math are part of Real-world problem s…

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