learn from failure

What is PBL? | Project Based Learning | BIE
“Project Based Learning is a teaching method in which students gain knowledge and skills by working for an extended period of time to investigate and respond to an authentic, engaging
27 Creative Classroom Activities for Early Finishers [Infographic]
“When the lessons are over, quick and fun creative classroom activities like these are invaluable to have on hand. Your ambitious young learners who finish ahead of the pack can benefit
10 Strategic Steps For Teaching Online Research Skills to Your Learners
“find and curate information and those who do not. Learning to effectively search is one of the most important skills most teachers are NOT teaching.
10 MORE digital bell-ringer activities to kickstart class (Part 2) | Ditch That Textbook
“Create a new assignment in Formative and just add a “Show Your Work” drawing question with a prompt. Share the assignment with students. Then see what they come up with.
Lessons from failure: Why we try, try again
Everyone experiences failures. But not everyone brushes themselves off and tries again. A new study shows that focusing on what can be learned from a failure appears to help people persevere
Confidence in math predicts girls’ participation in STEM
A girl’s decision to take more classes in math or computer science may depend on whether she feels up to the challenge. But her confidence in her abilities may be lower than it should be.
The Teacher’s Ultimate Checklist for Effective Lesson Planning
“ormula that works well for any scenario. The best way to write your scenario is by imagining you’re addressing your students directly. Here are 3 simple steps you can’t go wrong with
F.A.I.L: First attempt in learning! – Dun & Bradstreet’s B2B Hub
“failing forward concept. He encourages us to recognize and cherish our failures, learn from them, share them, and then let them go. One of the main ideas behind “failing forward”
C-SPAN Classroom
“Classroom – requires sign in C-Span has a free resource for teachers to use in the classroom. they also offer a video library containing over 170,000 hours of shareable video that has aired

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