engineerize STEM learning

Want innovative schools? Start praising what matters. – A.J. JULIANI
“Praise what matters. Share the process and the product. Tell stories about the innovative work that is happening in our schools.”
“Engineerize” Your Way to Integrated STEM Learning — Start Engineering
“engineering as the vehicle for integration across fields of STEM learning. chemistry and physics, math and robotics offer angles of entry for engineering learning. reading, the visual arts
Sharing: The Moral Imperative by Dean Shareski (2010) – YouTube
25:56 “This keynote looks at the new obligation of sharing for educators. With stories from the a variety of sources, the fact that we now have the ability to teach and share beyond our classroom
This Is the Future of Education – YouTube
“Pundits are always selling the latest and greatest “future of education.” But what if the answer is already in the room? In this illustrated video, I share some thoughts
Orthopaedics In Action | Perry Initiative
“Orthopaedics In Action (OIA) is unique, hands-on curriculum for middle and high school STEM classrooms that features real-world challenges from orthopaedic surgery and biomedical engineering
100th Day Answer Sheet – Google Docs
Make a student-centred classroom [Part 2] – EDUWELLS
“Practical tools: These are used to help improve and measure both progress and eventually the final outcome. They include: Content/topic resources made available from the start.
“engineering design process to: design and build a crane out of cardboard; figure out ways to reinforce the arms so they don’t collapse under a heavy load; build a crank handle
“Know, Understand, and Do … Tiered Instruction
100 things I wish someone had told me about teaching | Ditch That Textbook
“The topic of the chat was “What I wish I knew,” playing off the fact that preservice teachers from Converse College in South Carolina were planning to join us. We examined seven areas

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