Joy Rider – DIY Flight Simulator

JoyRider Motion Simulator!

In November, I was asked to facilitate a team to build a signature
project for Burns Sci-Tech.  In November, we began to build a full
motion, adult sized, flight simulator.  During the first few weeks,
the students (all 7th and 8th graders) developed the workshop space,
built a perfectly level bench to construct sub-assemblies and learned
safety procedures.

They have been enthusiastic ever since.

I’ve worked with children for about 40 years and the interaction,
consistency and accuracy these students at Burns have exhibited has
been an inspiration to me.  Generally, they are waiting outside of our
workshop, ready to go before I arrive.

And just last week, the sub-assemblies have been bolted together and
there is a working platform that will support a 200-lb adult.  Anyone
can have a virtual reality flight experience without ever leaving the
ground.  The students will proudly agree that I don’t do any of the
work!  And I didn’t.  It’s their project and they are getting
tremendous enjoyment manually spinning the cockpit in all directions,
imagining what it would be like to hook up the software  and use the
virtual reality headset that was donated.

To complete the flight experience, we need about $1,000 in donations
for a high-powered gaming card, throttle and rudder pedals.

In terms of effort, 95% was the time, money and energy to get a full
motion platform operational.  This last bit of effort is all about the
electronics to make it a flight training experience.

Here is a newscast about other, similar, full-motion simulators and an
interview with the developer.

Dana has photos, videos and can set up interviews with the students.
Also, please stop by to the workshop any Tuesday while we are working
between 3:30 and 5:00.

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