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In the Real World…. – Teacher Tech
“In the real world, a lot of people show me a lot of mercy.
Are You a Newbie to CBE? This Article Is Just for You « Competency Works
“Competency education is a structure that helps us focus on learning and making sure students are mastering skills, while online learning is an option for how instruction is delivered.”
Put Us In the Room Where It Happens: Teacher-Driven Shifts To Mastery « Competency Works
“all students in all subjects are assessed on these 21st century skills: planning, collaborating,discerning, being precise, arguing, innovating, investigating, concluding, communicating, and c…
Holacracy: Organizing For Change At District 51 | Getting Smart
“Managing Complex Change chart describing the conditions for successful change implementation. It identifies five elements to consider (vision, skills, incentives, resources and action plan)
4 Small Questions That Lead to Innovative Breakthroughs – A.J. JULIANI
“when we change what we praise and look for in a classroom, students begin to adjust what matters. When we praise failure, look for grit, and assess the process (instead of only the final product
Reflections on a Crazy Week | The Techy Teacher
“As a class we created a Grandmother Spider video game using Bloxels. My students lost their minds when I told them what we were going to be doing! Each group had their own mission
13-Bit Builder — Bloxels for Kids
“With Bloxels, you are the artist, the game designer, the storyteller, the programmer, the publisher and the player. You are the 13-bit Builder.
Home — Bloxels
“A hands-on platform for kids to build, collaborate, and tell stories through video game creation.”
Use this Planning Tool and Integrate the Question Formulation Technique Into Your Lesson
having students use their questions for research, the prioritization instructions may be to, “choose three questions that will help guide your research.” For an experiment, a prioritization
Build STEM Skills and Nurture Students’ Scientific Curiosity With the Question Formulation Technique | EBSCO post
“the QFT can be used flexibly to help promote scientific curiosity, build important STEM skills and nurture deeper learning. Although the belief that students should develop problem-solving skills

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